Success Stories

Wrightside Consulting has worked with a broad range of clients on a variety of challenges.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Onboarding Optimization
“We are constantly bringing people on and have to recreate onboarding processes every time. It is inefficient and leads to an inconsistent onboarding experience for new employees.”
Senior Leader Hiring Approach
“We have to hire a new leader for a newly-created position and want to make sure we take an objective and streamlined approach so we hire the best candidate for the job.”
Building Policies from the Ground Up
“We have no HR staff and know there are things we need to do to establish a foundation to accommodate our massive growth.”
Developing Team Dynamics
“We have a small team whose members are generally close, but we would like to understand each other better so we can increase our effectiveness."
Teaching Day-to-Day Management
“Our managers are responsible for managing teams, but we have never really taught them about day-to-day management.”
Enhancing Documentation and Compliance​
“We have not updated our employee handbook in years and need to make sure it is compliant with employment laws and it accurately reflects our current culture and policies.”​
Tying Compensation to Performance
“Our compensation and bonus approach lacks objectivity, so we don’t know if we are distributing our money to our best people.”​
Holistic HR Program Development
“We have someone managing payroll and benefits, but we don’t know what HR structure we’re missing.”​