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Developing Team Dynamics

“We have a small team whose members are generally close, but we would like to understand each other better so we can increase our effectiveness."

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Client Industry:
Nonprofit financial services
Less than 5 years

I interviewed the Chief Operating Officer, who requested my help in better understanding team dynamics and producing desired outcomes.  After our conversations, we had each team member take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to provide insight into each team member’s communication preferences and approach to decision making.  I then facilitated a half-day discussion with the team to review the results and implications for each individual, as well as implications for team dynamics.  Following the session, I conducted a one-on-one coaching session with each team member to enable further discussion into their individual results.


Based on a better understanding of how their coworkers tend to process information and prefer to interact, team members are now better equipped to communicate and collaborate effectively. By understanding their own proclivities, employees are also enabled to be more self-aware during future interactions, and ultimately operating more effectively.

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