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Enhancing Documentation and Compliance​

“We have not updated our employee handbook in years and need to make sure it is compliant with employment laws and it accurately reflects our current culture and policies.”​

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Client Industry:
Financial services institution
More than 20 years

I started by reviewing the company’s existing handbook and other supporting documentation (including benefits summaries and policies that had been implemented since the handbook had been updated last). I then interviewed two partners to identify what they wanted to change and keep the same, and finally I provide additional recommendations on additional policies necessary for compliance purposes.  I completed the handbook, then laid out a process to collect employee acknowledgement. 

Over the course of the project, the Human Resources Partner also identified a need to educate the organization about sexual harassment. As a result, I facilitated a learning session on sexual harassment in conjunction with the rollout of the updated employee handbook.


The partners can now rest easier knowing that they are in compliance with applicable HR regulations, and that they have strongly documented, well-explained policies they can reference moving forward.

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