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Teaching Day-to-Day Management

“Our managers are responsible for managing teams, but we have never really taught them about day-to-day management.”

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Client Industry:
Non-profit medical center with approximately 200 employees
More than 20 years​

Using input from high-performing employees at all levels, we identified strengths and improvement opportunities amongst the management team.  I then drew from this information to identify the learning topics and specific management tools that would have the greatest impact on the organization and address their most pressing needs. Finally, I facilitated a workshop in which we discussed critical topics for managers, and I provided specific tools for them to use on the job.


Through open discussion during workshops, we not only tackled high-priority managerial training needs, but also identified and addressed additional skill gaps amongst managers in coaching, feedback, and performance evaluation. As a result, the client now has a far better-trained team of managers capable of fostering growth and effectiveness within the employee base.

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